First Day at the New Job Jitters

09 Jun

As exciting as a new job may be, it can also be a little stressful. Not to worry though you are not alone in feeling the first day jitters. To give the nerves a rest we have some simple tips to make the first day a little less stressful.

Get a Few Good Nights of Sleep

Think back to your younger days when your mom would tell you to get a good night’s sleep before the first day of school. A good night’s sleep is great advice, but in reality one good night is not going to make up for months of bad sleeping habits. Try and get an entire week of good sleep and set your alarm for the time you would have to be up for your new job. Doing this will help get you adjusted to your new schedule.

Practice Run

Testing out your route to work is a very good idea. Whether you are bussing it, training it, or driving you want to give your commute a practice run. When you do your practice run make sure you do it at the same time you need to if you were going to your new job. It’s pointless if you do a practice run mid day on a Saturday. The purpose of the practice run is to get a feel of the traffic and the average time it will take you to arrive on time, this way you can manage your time in the morning efficiently.

Bring Your Lunch

The hour lunch break has become quite rare these days. There are only a few lucky employees left out there that get a leisurely lunch hour. The more common scenario is lunch right at the desk. If you are not sure about the lunch policy at your new job, it’s better to bring a lunch then get stuck with the vending machine options. (A nice big breakfast might be a good idea as well)

Do Your Research

Although you have probably done a fair amount of research on the company before your interview for the position, it doesn’t hurt to do a little more. Showing up on the first day with a clear understanding of what the company does and its future goals will make your day go a little smoother during your meets and greats.

Do Some Shopping

This is the fun part! The new job will give you a reason to revamp your wardrobe. On your interview you should have taken the time to see what other people were wearing around the office. Was it business professional or business casual? Remember even at the most dressed-down workplaces, there is still certain attire that is inappropriate for the office. Rule of thumb: if you’re not sure don’t wear it.

Jot it Down

The first day can be hectic and filled with introductions and meetings. You might feel a little information overload. It doesn’t hurt to take down some notes; you may find them handy later on. Nobody expects you to remember everything.

Ask Questions

If there is something you do not know or are unsure of it does not hurt to ask. Remember what your teachers used to say “There is no such thing as a dumb question.”  The more you ask the more you will learn and the less likely you will be to make a mistake.

Just Listen

Although you may have great ideas and are dying to share them, leave them for another day. The best way to win people’s trust is simply to listen to them. People will appreciate you showing them respect for their opinions.

Get on the Same Page

Learn your boss’s communication and management style. Set up a meeting with him/her to talk about communication and managerial style. This will eliminate some of the bumpy learning processes during the first few weeks of a new job and jump start a smooth and productive work relationship.

First days are over as quick as they come, so try and enjoy that first day excitement and congratulations you got the job!!!

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